Invest in your passion

If you want to make a difference,

consider opening a fund with a community foundation such as Chesapeake Charities. While our experts manage the financial, legal and administrative details, you can focus on making the greatest impact.

Community foundations have been in existence for 100 years and today are the fastest growing sector of American philanthropy.

Community foundations are vital centers of knowledge for donors, nonprofits, businesses, government and citizens. As experts in philanthropy, we connect people to the issues and organizations making a difference in the region. And we connect donors with one another so they can have a greater collective impact. We also help nonprofits manage their operating reserves and endowments, and strengthen their organizations to better serve constituents.

Community Foundations offer:
Personalized service
Community leadership
Local expertise

For more information, please contact Linda Kohler, Executive Director at (410) 643-4020,